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 Well, it’s that time of year when everyone at least thinks about life changes. I was sitting back in my easy chair thinking that I eat too much, I drink too much, I relax too much. My judgement was that now is the time to get in gear and get my life into shape. Time to diet and exercise. Join the gym, go to the pool. Hey, WALK to the pool.

Of course I was planning all of this while I sat in my chair reading and sipping diet Pepsi while the cold wind howled outside. My attention turned back to my book as I nestled under my blanket. I was reading a collection of A.W. Tozer’s articles. His writing is somewhat dated now but some of the points he made are ageless while others stuck me as just plain wrong. He was an Evangelical and what finally wore me down was the constant repetition of the message of being saved from God’s judgement. That word judgement……

Having just spent some time judging myself, I wondered about God’s judging me. After some thought, I concluded that God does not judge.

As I see it, we are spiritual creatures who enter this physical world in a state of perfection. We migrate to this realm still perfect where we are housed in a human container. As we grow in the womb our Spirit and container are mostly protected but once we exit the womb and are born, the physical world is something that we have to constantly deal with. We have physical and sensual needs that distract our attention from and overpower the still small voice within. This continues through life. It is easy to come to the end of our physical journey without thinking much of our spiritual self.

At death, when our container wears out and the Spirit returns from where it originated, our journey is complete. We have been released from the influences of this world. As we migrate back to that perfect realm of the Spirit we are once more perfected. From this state we can judge our physical sojourn. How well did we deal with the influences of the physical world? Were we as successful as Jesus or Gandhi? So we judge ourselves!

The Spirit that is in everything in creation when taken together is what we call God. So in a way God is judging us but not as an old man on a throne ready to punish us if our journey was not successful.

By realizing the Spirit within and nurturing it, we end up judging ourselves in this world. By acting on what the Spirit indicates is lacking, we hasten the perfection of this world and assist in the coming of God’s Realm.


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