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 We moved to a new house last fall and decided to splurge on digital cable to go with the new television. Digital has many great features available and we love it. One of my pleasures is channel surfing after my wife goes to bed. There are many specialty channels ranging from different to bizarre. A current passion of mine is learning about Native Spirituality and I noticed a channel called “aptn” (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network). I have now watched a number of programs with great interest and have gained much insight to things aboriginal. A program I particularly like is called First Talk, a breezy talk show hosted by Tamara Bull that features two or three topics over a half hour. One of these segments stood out from the rest for me.

Tamara was interviewing her husband Richard and in the shot was a distinguished and peaceful looking gentleman dressed in Native garb. I could sense power from him even though he was not in the conversation. Richard quickly deferred to this gentleman who was introduced as a Shaman named Frank J. Austin Manyhorses. Frank related how his spiritual background had taught him that love was the key to life. He told us that we are all one, all brothers and sisters, all equal in the Sacred Circle of Unity. His words filled the room I was in with light and you could see by the rapt attention that Tamara and Richard were paying that his Spirit filled the studio too. I was smiling and excited.

I went to bed pondering how I had found a gem along the path of my spiritual journey. I fell asleep thinking how Jesus told us that we only need to love God and love one another. How he taught us not to judge. Frank’s words strengthened my feeling that the Spirit, the Creator, God was not the sole property of Christianity but was common to people of goodwill everywhere. Frank’s words could easily have been spoken by Jesus and his peaceful posture and smooth, friendly voice underlined those words. One could sense that he was a man who practiced love and walked softly on the earth.

I sent Frank a letter (snailmail yet) telling him of my excitement and how I wanted to learn more and where I might look. I expected maybe a brochure on some upcoming seminar I could attend but on a Sunday morning, just before noon, my phone rang and it was Frank. We had a great chat and I could sense his joyful spirit over the phone. I am hoping to visit him when he comes east from British Columbia. I now need to see him in person! Did people feel this way meeting Jesus?

Christianity offers us a path to truth. It is a valid path and a fruitful path. I worry that those who follow this path may believe it is the only path. My searching has led me to discover that there are many other paths also known by names like Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. I now add the beautiful path of Native Spirituality to my list. While on your path up the mountain, lift your head and look around. See the other paths leading upward and share your journey with the brothers and sisters you see on those other paths. Find out more about Frank Austin at


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