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 This is such an annoying topic but I cannot let it pass. Simcha Jacobovici has discovered the “burial site of Jesus” on the construction site of a Jerusalem apartment building. Also on site were the ossuaries (where have you heard that word before… think 2003… think James brother of Jesus) of Mary and Joseph and Mary Magdalene plus a supposed son named Judah. What a wonderful find (from 1980 yet) and what a fortuitous time to release a movie about the project – just before Easter! You can watch this on the Discovery Channel on March 4th or on Vision TV on March 16th. I only promote this so you may watch and come to your own conclusions.

The hype around this centers on the imminent death of Christianity this discovery will cause. Once people find out that Jesus was mortal, married and a father, the Christian bubble will burst. But will it? Certainly if this discovery proves correct there are an enormous number of Christians who will simply refuse to believe it because they have been indoctrinated by the church since around 300 AD. To others it will make no difference since they already subscribe to the theory this finding suggests. The simple issue is the bodily ascension of Jesus into heaven. It either happened or it didn’t.

If the traditional belief is correct, Jesus physically left this world and returned to confirm his teachings, comfort his followers and quicken their Spirits. Through this we know that we are forgiven people and the Spirit is always with us. We know this because we were told so since 300 AD.

If this new discovery is correct, Jesus died physically and was buried. The bible story concerning his after death appearances would then be symbolic. They would symbolize the realization of the immortality of the Spirit within humanity along with the message of love, forgiveness and oneness with the Spirit. We know this because we have discovered this by finding and communing with that place within us where God dwells.

Either way, we tread the path toward living a spiritual life. Different paths to the same destination.

My preaching theme for some time has been the universality of the Spirit. Jesus’ life and death does not diminish his capacity as a Spirit filled beacon of truth for me and I love his teachings. I follow the path named after him. I also see other paths espousing the same truths with teachers by such names as Buddha, Muhammad and Gandhi. We are all on different paths of the same journey. We are all sisters and brothers or as the song says, “We are one in the Spirit.”

My opinion is that this discovery will prove to be nothing but hoopla. There is too much grey area. The silver lining is that it sparks us to examine and debate our beliefs.

May the Spirit guide you on your journey.  Peace.   


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