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 I hope wherever you are, that the weather is as nice as it is where I am. After the good weather promised for the weekend didn’t happen, it was a treat when the sun and warm spring air came upon us yesterday. Children were playing hockey, basketball, skipping and riding bikes all over the neighbourhood. People were raking lawns, washing cars and walking dogs. I even managed to hoof it around the neighborhood before coming home to get the rain barrels out. I’m sure that all of those people involved in the activities mentioned had a sense of well being about them. For me I know it was caused by being out in God’s Creation. Smelling the fresh air, feeling the warm sun, hearing the laughing children, seeing the shoots already coming up in the garden and tasting the freedom from heavy winter clothing brought on a happy tingle.

As we plod through our lives meeting all kinds of deadlines, keeping appointments, doing favours and watching out for others we too often miss Creation. Even when working in the garden, we rush to get things planted, watered, weeded. We don’t really stop to smell the flowers or watch the bees. When out for a walk, we concentrate on covering our distance and we ignore the birds chirping and swooping. These are all things God wants us to enjoy.

I believe that Creation is not a challenge or a punishment. Instead it is more like the Garden of Eden, a place to be relished. It is the imperfections in our human selves that make this world less than perfect and rob us of that intended enjoyment. Through practicing the lessons of loving God and each other we will correct those imperfections and open ourselves up to enjoyment. We will usher in the world God intended, God’s Realm.

For me, my plan is to head out along the natural walking trails behind my house and make it a point to stop and listen to the birds, observe the squirrels, study the trees and feel the earth. I want to lay on a rock and soak up the sun. I will probably seem strange to those relentlessly hiking by with water bottles and weights but I’ve been strange before.

I’m heading outside right now. The kids are off school shortly and I’m going to sit on the front porch in the sun. I want to feel the Spirit coursing through creation once more like yesterday. Give it a try. Spend some quiet time outside just being in creation. You will be and feel close to God.


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