The Spirit in the Clam

February 6, 2008 at 2:37 pm 1 comment

 Florida in February is cold, so the locals say. Actually cold down here is 60 and the weather has been around 80 and clear… so not too shabby. Much better than being half buried (or totally buried!) in snow in Canada, eh? Now, I know you will be defending winter saying that there is so much to do outside (besides shoveling) and the air is crisp and clean. All true, all true. However, there is something about the sun beating down and the sound of the crashing surf that makes it seem superior to cold weather.

I spent yesterday walking the beach with my grand-daughter and her Mom, then lazing by the pool. It was peaceful and relaxing, just laying there with the occasional faint whoosh of breeze, the light roar of the waves and the toasty rays of the sun. Pelicans and seagulls roamed the clear blue sky. It wasn’t long before I was fading out of this world and contemplating things eternal. I closed my eyes and focused on the sun kissing my face. I could feel the individual sun-ray particles dancing on my skin and soaking down into my pores. In my mind, I traced the route of these particles back toward the sun and their origin in the eternal universe. I felt these rays were my direct link to the creating force, the ground of being. The waves of particles, travelling so far to touch just me, enticed me to consider how we are but a minute part of the whole creation story, a small part of life on earth, yet our significance is equal to that of any other part. I enjoyed thinking that the Creating Force was lavishing this sun on me personally, although I’m sure anyone else laying in the sun in my frame of mind felt the same thing. This Creating Force we call God is everywhere and in everyone.

My nine year old grand-daughter loves to scour the beach for shells. With her Mom, we strolled along the beach while she sifted through the piles of shells that had washed up overnight. We commented on the huge numbers of shells, mostly small, finger nail sized ones, that were there and the great quantity of life that must be in the sea, since these piles only represented the ocean’s castoffs. These shells are recycled, in a way, after being trampled and pounded, eventually becoming part of the coarse sand on this particular beach. I wonder if there is a beach somewhere in the universe where the cast off remnants of creation, washes up in a pile. Our bodies, our shells, also are recycled into earth elements while our spirits are released to – what? Be recycled, move up or down a level of life, or just disappear. Ahhhh… the age old and unanswerable questions that have been pondered since humans first became aware of their existence. The uncertain answers to which, have been the root of so much good and evil throughout time.

My inner being tells me that my spirit will continue on. In what manner, I don’t know, but knowing just that little bit is enough. For now I am content to be a clam in the vast sea of creation. My mission: to open my shell in order to experience and participate in the life that flows around me. I’m sure the mysteries of the universe will all be revealed in the fullness of time. For now, baking my shell on the beach or by the pool is a good opportunity to center myself and feel The Creator kissing me. It gives me peace and encourages me to open my shell to share God’s goodness with the rest of creation.



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  • 1. corrie37  |  February 6, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Dave, I envy you having this holiday experience and the reflection you gave us, I thank you for sharing it. It felt like I was there and was moved by that feeling of tranquility and peace. Thank you for giving my day such a good spiritual start.

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