Pot Luck

February 13, 2008 at 8:33 am 1 comment

The Spirit must be in the air on Sundays. Especially for me while I’ve been in Florida. This weekend, the simple occurrence of a pot-luck dinner at the condo’s clubhouse reminded me of God’s intention for humanity.

The dinner itself was wonderful. There was a great variety of dishes and lots to go around. Of course, the main idea of a gathering of this kind is to foster fellowship among the current crop of folks staying here. People were glad to finally find out about each other. I met people from Maine, Chicago, Buffalo and Kentucky as well as folks from “back home” from places like Peterborough and Markham. All good people for sure.

Now, any United Churcher has got to be familiar with pot-luck dinners. They seem to be woven into the church’s tradition and many a great recipe has been passed along and shared because of these gatherings. In fact, my wife was so impressed with the quality of food, that she purchased a United Church Women’s cookbook and has been very pleased at the compliments received after serving some of the dishes. People seem to open up when sharing food around a table. It makes me think that there is a great ministry to be performed while using the pot-luck to bring people to table. I wonder if Jesus ate with sinners and undesirables over a meal for this reason. Maybe we should take these events more spiritually.

After the clubhouse pot-luck, I was full and happy and looking for a place to flop down for a minute. After I found a nice comfy bed, I thought of all the fantastic food and how each contributor had brought her best (all the contributors were women) and how they care to bring their best. Of course some, due to circumstances or by nature, brought nothing but took part in and enjoyed the fellowship with nobody begrudging their presence. There were people from all over and by each one sharing their best, they passed a bit of themselves and their home along to others. I thought that this is maybe what God expects of life on this planet. We are all unique and spread all over the face of the earth. As we come together, we should bring our unique best to share with others. This makes the fellowship easier and interesting and helps eliminate the us/them syndrome by showing people that while we may come from a different place or race, we are all the same in our basic life hopes and goals and enjoy the same basic things.

 We all have individual strengths and gifts that, in the context of a group, or of humanity, or even creation in general, would serve to better the whole. If we bring these gifts, as an offering, to the table at the banquet of life, we are making the occasion that much more enjoyable. Each of us also has the ability to choose between our lighter or darker side in our approach to life. If one chooses to bring no gift to the banquet, then simply by choosing the lighter, positive side, we are improving the mood of the whole banquet.

One last thought on the pot-luck. There was way more than enough to go around, as I mentioned earlier. People who know me are used to the fact that I’m on a see-food diet – I see food and I eat it. Of course I ate too much (hence the need to lie down until the bloat shifted). I see this over sufficiency as a symbol of God’s abundance. We had enough to share with those who have nothing, although they would be very hard to find in this particular place, however, we (well, OK- particularly I) should have practiced controlling our over consumption as a nod to our responsibility as stewards of this corner of creation!

The lesson: Life is a banquet. Bring your best gift and/or attitude to the table. Take just enough to satisfy your needs. Look for ways to share what’s left.


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  • 1. simpletouches  |  February 14, 2008 at 1:35 am

    I’m with you on that Dave. Preparing and sharing a meal is one of the simple joys that places me in gratitude for the gift of life and of nourishment. Its an opportunity to connect with the life around me and within me.

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