To My Surprise

March 26, 2008 at 7:51 am 1 comment

 Just a short one this week. I am still taken aback by the lack of response to last week’s Easter Rant. I had hoped to ruffle some feathers and tick people off and I even thought there may be one or two people who agreed. But the silence was deafening.Jesus being married and having offspring would be a hot button issue, I figured. Mary (wife of Jesus) as a leader of the fledgling church would have earned a comment; or so I thought. The shocker of Jesus being simply executed and tossed amongst the rubble should have drawn outrage in my opinion. But there was nothing.

I have pondered the reaction (or lack of) all week. I feel today that the silence was probably for one of two reasons:

  • 1) People just don’t care about Easter and are totally indifferent.
  • 2) People are already where I was going and have been for some time.

The indifferent ones are the ones I hoped to shake up, and I obviously failed there. However, the second group may be something special. They could indicate that the Emerging Church is farther along its growth than I had supposed. Maybe people just agree with these statements and regard them as too mundane for comment. A good sign of progression.

I am working on a small project for a future blog and I thought it may draw lots of criticism, but now I wonder. I expect to have it here in a couple of weeks and I hope you check it out.

The true Spirit has been shrouded for way too long. Perhaps the significance of this Easter is that the shroud has been lifted (or left in the ancient tomb) and the Spirit can be recognised for its true self and not the false covering that has been laid over it since the early days of the church.


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Easter Rant Pentecost Winds of Change

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  • 1. carolyneswan  |  March 27, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    OK, churchy boy, now I’m logged in … so watch out for my comments.

    As I told you, I just enjoyed that Easter article so much, I didn’t think to comment. Especially since I agreed with a lot of it, ie. that Jesus was an ordinary man, Mary M. was his wife & they had children together. However, I am still not convinced about the story of his dying on the cross/rising later….. for now, I will hold onto that one. If it was discovered that he was married, don’t you think that may have been a reason for his crucifixtion? Just a thought.

    Regardless, I don’t think the church has come as far as you think (or hoped) … and I still believe people want to hold onto the whole Easter story and not be challenged on that. Otherwise, this whole new execution/marriage idea would destroy the meaning of Easter for many…. It would become a celebration of the Easter Bunny.

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