Pentecost Winds of Change

April 2, 2008 at 4:34 pm Leave a comment

Outside, the wind is gusting, sending recycling bins scattering and snapping tree branches. Windy days are uncomfortable days for me. One reason that I was glad to move from our last house was because, too many times, I heard that sickening crackle and squeak as another of the tall, beautiful trees in the backyard succumbed to natures bluster. I mourned these trees and anytime a wind storm came up, I was anxious about losing another of my friends. I love a breeze, but mostly hate the wind. Yet the wind does good too. I see it as nature’s gardener; pruning the trees of dead branches and leaves. More than once, it kindly blew the leaves from my lawn to the vacant lot next door. Still, a gusty day has an element of fear.

The Easter season progresses. We lived through the gloom and despair of Good Friday and celebrated the joy of the resurrection of hope on Easter Sunday. Now we start to see the sprouts of new life around us and within us. It seems that most people I chat with have recently witnessed some kind of rebirth in their lives. Many folks are surprised to experience the Spirit come alive within them and they exhale, “AHA!” Non spiritual folks too, detect the stirring of positive change in their lives and laugh, “Ha ha!” These small sighs join together and form a breeze, a breeze that becomes a wind: The wind of Pentecost.

Christians begin the Easter journey in Lent, by examining where they have fallen short of their best and genuine self. The journey leads to the gloom of Good Friday, realizing the consequences our shortcomings have had, but on Easter Sunday, hope is reborn and this hope becomes the wind of Pentecost that is capable of great change.

Folks in the secular world live this cycle too, except in the secular world there is very often no system to furnish hope to the hopeless. People get beaten down by their own misfortune or shortcomings. They experience the self criticism of their personal Lent and glumly shoulder the consequences. They feel the gloom of loss on their private Good Friday and can see no further. For too many people, the cycle, or process if you will, stops here. They are caught in the whirlpool of hopelessness and their lives become depressingly marginalized. They are not able to experience abundant life. They never get to feel that spark of rebirth or the refreshing wind of change. This is where Easter people are called to serve.

As the winds whip through the forest, they stir things up, blow away decay and clear a space for new life. There is some fear and some loss as the way is made unobstructed for change, then new life springs forth. I always felt sadness and loss over a fallen tree in my backyard, yet eventually from the stump, new life springs and I celebrate the tender shoots. I realized the brokenness of this tree provided benefits for the world around it.

I hope you feel the Spirit move within you as Pentecost builds and you feel free to exclaim, “AHA!” As you and numberless other Christians do this, a hurricane of hope is created in the world. A cyclone of change for those trapped in that whirlpool of despair. For fifty days in The Bible, the breeze of the resurrection grew into the flaming wind of Pentecost that the disciples experienced and we all know what they achieved with that wind in their sails. No matter how literal, or not, that you view the Easter story, the meaning is the same:  You are blessed with hope, to be a blessing. Add your “AHA” to the Pentecost wind of change.


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