Spring Has Sprung

April 16, 2008 at 6:43 pm Leave a comment

Signs of spring are everywhere. I had to take a drive through the country today to do a delivery for my wife. What a glorious sunny day! Farmers were preparing their machinery to get out on the land. Some fields were even showing green sprouts. Sheep stood around with their super woolly coats looking like giant fluff balls on legs and cows browsed their fields looking very content with life. People everywhere were out and about, greeting neighbours they haven’t seen for some time and catching up. The roads were free from traffic and the bugs were still mostly asleep. What a great day to be alive.

I am particularly enjoying the birds who have returned. We have a big blue spruce tree on our front lawn and there is, at least, a pair of grackles and a pair of robins taking up residence there again this year. They are busy nest building and poking at the lawn for bugs. I like to think of this tree as a high rise apartment building for the birds. The squeaky gate sound of the grackles and the cheery chirrup of the robins blend with the singing of sparrows, chickadees and other species to make for a happy symphony around the house. Soon enough their mating rituals will end and the feathered residents will quiet down, so as not to draw attention to their hatching families. Tragedy visits the Blue Spruce Apartments too. I will be sad to find broken robins eggs or dead baby birds around the tree again this year as the grackles raid their neighbour’s nests. All a part, albeit a sad part, of life I remind myself.

This spring, we are having a great thrill. One of our favourite birds, a cardinal, has shown up at our house. We love his shrill and piercing calls, particularly the one that starts with a descending teeoooo followed by a rapid series of yeow, yeow, yeow. He sounds like a ray gun from a space ship, so of course my wife (who names everything animate and inanimate) calls him Ronald Raygun! Ronald has a habit of sitting in a large tree across the road in the afternoon and singing away. I love sitting on the front porch listening to the kids playing next door, while I sip a beer, nibble cheese and crackers and listen to Ronald’s solo backed up by the avian chorus as the sun warms my winter pale face. I love to see his brilliant red self perform. Ahhhhh, ……. Spring.

Of course Spring demonstrates the rebirth in nature and reminds us of the rebirth we can have in our souls when we let the sun shine in. I feel especially close to the thing we call God at this time of year and find my heart filled with thanks for the pleasures of this world. May your spring be a time of rebirth, joy and thanks.



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A Light Comes On Gretta Rocks!

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