Looking Into God’s Eyes?

October 14, 2008 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

We have a new grand-daughter in the family. “There is nothing like a grand-daughter,” I am wont to say. I love my grand-daughters Charley and Sydney. They are the light of my life. I am looking forward to getting to know and love our newest, Sloane.

Because I had a cold, I only got to see Sloane in person when she was five days old. It’s been ten years since we had a new addition to the family, and given my journey over that period, I saw her with totally fresh eyes.

She is beautiful and perfect. I hold her for awhile cradled in my arm. She looks so small. Eager to see what creation holds, she opens her big blue eyes and stares at the fuzzy world around her. I shift her to my lap so I can stare at her too. I marvel at her soft velvet skin; her tiny little fingers and toes; her little nose and her beautiful little mouth. She is indeed a miracle. I ponder the journey she took to get here.  It warms my heart to hold this brand new smidgen of creation, this newest manifestation of Spirit in this world.

The saying goes, “We are Spiritual beings on a physical journey, not physical creatures on a spiritual journey.” When I speak of my ‘journey’, that is the one I refer to. I am attempting to connect with my spiritual self to know and understand it better. My view is that the Spirit making Sloane and me a living being migrated to our physical container from a place beyond our comprehension and one day the journey here will end and that quickening Spirit will return there. That is why I am excited to meet this little girl. She is fresh from that migration and arrives here pure, innocent and perfect. The sensual distractions and turmoil of this world will, over the years, wear away at her perfection but, with loving guidance from her mother and father, she will successfully navigate the minefield of life. However, there are many steps she must take on her own. As I look at her tiny glow, I pray the Spirit within her will grow along with her container to become a major part of her being, acting as a guide from within for those times when she is on her own. I pray the same for my other two grand-daughters who, though much older, are still full of that brand-newness of Spirit they arrived with. I’m sure Sloane will grow up to be the wonderful beings that Charley and Sydney are. I’m excited to have another life to watch grow and unfold.

Sloane’s mother Lori, is a wonderful woman. I looked at her achieving motherhood with new eyes too. I was charged up thinking of the roll Lori played in creation. The Spirit connected with this world through her. She was the vehicle that grew this little miracle, then, suffered the birth pains when our newest needed to enter our world. What an honour and privilege to be such a direct part of creation. Wow!

So, here I study the little girl in my lap. What a stunning wonder. I don’t know how long her migration here took, but here she is fresh from the trip. One more time I consider her perfection and as she opens her eyes and stares, I feel I am looking into the eyes of ‘God’. I smile. Welcome Sloane.  



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