Professor Dave’s Unified Theological Theory!

November 4, 2008 at 3:47 pm Leave a comment

Sometimes the Spirit just sneaks up on ya and slaps ya upside the head! I had just started reading Don Murray’s column exploring a little girl’s question, “Did we create God, or did God create us?” and instantaneously, Professor Dave (the know-it-all in my head) began a full blown lecture. I best let Prof Dave take it from here:

Good morning seekers. I’m sure you’ve noticed this enormous aquarium at the front of the lecture hall. Now, it is obviously empty but I know you will agree when I say it is actually full of air. If I seal the top off now, you will still agree that it is full of air, yes? Now, imagine that the space contained in the aquarium is all of existence, both known and unknown. We can say that the space inside the aquarium is eternity/ infinity/ being in terms of what we humans believe.

Looking in through the glass we observe it as a whole and it appears void. We can only comprehend the nothingness inside. All appears benign and then, a tiny pin-point of light appears and grows into a billowing explosion of dust and light. From our point of view, the tiny explosion is unfolding quickly and it’s easy for us to observe the entire process because it is now a golf ball size occurrence inside this huge tank.

Now, let’s change our point of view to being somewhere inside this explosion.

To us inside, this explosion is massive. In fact, it is our universe being born and we will call it the ‘Big Bang.’ We are on a small speck in this vast flare up that we call planet Earth. As human beings we are but tiny specks upon this Earth speck. To us, this explosion is happening very slowly. We judge the elapsed time, from the beginning of the explosion to now, to be billions of our years. During this time, life as we know it appears and humanoid life forms materialize and evolve to the point where they dominate all but the forces of nature. These humans are the only life forms aware of their existence and mortality. They can rationalize and deduce. One of their favourite pastimes is wondering, ‘Where did we come from and why?’ Their rude intelligence tells them that some invisible power exists that controls all of ‘being’. To early humans, the Earth itself is uncomprehendingly vast. To explain that which is beyond their understanding, they invent something and call it ‘God.’ As their understanding increases, so does the size of this thing called God. This unseen Master grows from existing just above the clouds to being ‘out there’ somewhere in space. Eventually the humans develop the theory of the Big Bang and God now has grown beyond the cosmos. God keeps growing, always just beyond their understanding, in order to fill the always expanding void of the unexplained. One day human knowledge will grow to fully understand the cosmos. Then, they will have solved the puzzle of the Big Bang. But there will always be the original question, ‘Where did we come from?’ (what made the Big Bang). Humans have dubbed our cosmos, created by the Big Bang, as the realm of space and time. Their God is always beyond that realm, so God must reside in a realm beyond space and time; the one place they can never know. We in this class know that realm as the empty aquarium.

Let’s now step back outside of the aquarium to observe. This golf ball size explosion has grown to the size of a football in the last few seconds we have been watching. We see it as a Little Poof (not a Big Bang at all). We contemplate what the Poof consists of. We can’t know that there is a speck called Earth or that the specks called humans have declared their existence as the realm of space and time. We are unaware that they have declared the space inside of our aquarium as the realm beyond space and time. We are unaware that there is a threshold between these realms that they cannot cross. To us it is simply an interesting little occurrence within a very large aquarium in a classroom.

We watch the Little Poof and wonder if it will simply expand and dissipate into the nothingness of the aquarium and it will again appear to be void. We are even more interested to know where this spark and explosion came from.

The people of the Big Bang have deduced that Gods must control the explosion, and all that happens within it, as well as controlling events beyond it (the aquarium). They speculate that there is a life force coursing through all of creation, both inside the Big Bang, and inside of the aquarium. Those of us in this lecture hall also speculate that there is a force coursing through creation. We wonder if our existence is also in an explosion within an even larger aquarium as well. It goes on and on.

So class, we can easily see that humans have created God, but there is always that great imponderable: We were created, but, by whom; and how; and why?


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