Lesson on the Lake

March 2, 2009 at 1:40 pm 1 comment

I’ve been out of sorts for weeks and I’m just coming to terms with it. I’ve been missing the strong connection I had with “God” that enveloped me in Florida. That feeling diminished steadily as I drove north and has subsided to a whimper since arriving back in frozen suburban Ontario. I started to think that “God” lived in Florida, or surely somewhere below a certain line of latitude and I wanted to move there. But I made a small discovery a week or so ago and have consequently learned something about myself and my relationship to that power/force with no name. You know; the one we call God for lack of a better word.

Arriving back from Florida, we had a round of visiting on tap to those we hadn’t seen in some time. One such visit was to my friend Paul’s cottage on Lake Simcoe. The weekend was very cold, but sunny. Sunday morning was not too far below zero so the guys decided to take a walk. We ventured down a frosty road lined with mostly empty cottages. Returning to my friend’s cottage, we thought a walk along the lake would be nice and also provide us the chance to view the cottages from the water side. We strolled along the ice enjoying the brisk air and the bright sunshine. A jubilant dog joined us. The snow on the ice crunched under foot. A feeling began to stir. We rounded the point and came onto my friend’s bay where the view stretches across the lake to the horizon. Here I was with the smaller, frozen version of the Gulf of Mexico and  I could feel the presence of “God”! At the Gulf of Mexico the Spirit came in penetrating rays of solar power that drilled into my body. Here, on Lake Simcoe, the Spirit came in crisp breaths of chilled fresh air. Could I see the Spirit in the clouds of steam that left my mouth and nostrils? I felt comforted to feel my friend’s presence again.

I wondered why the Spirit came to me in this strange place and then the light came on. I find the Spirit in vast openness. Places where the sky is wide and meets the earth. I thought of the arresting scene we witnessed at twilight Saturday. The clear sky was azure and it projected its colour onto the lake ice giving us a monochromatic view from the front of the cottage all the way up into the sky. It was magic. The horizon had disappeared and the creator of this artwork, this masterpiece, was wrapping us in its watercolour painting. Sky meets earth. Little me, on this tiny speck of rock called Earth was joined to the vastness of the universe; to creation. I am now greedy for that sky to earth connection experience. I long for a beach somewhere, where the sky touches the earth and I can bathe in the Creator’s intensity.

My mission has been to encourage people to undertake the Spiritual journey. I know that somewhere along that route they will discover “God” – they will experience the power of being. They will discover that the power ebbs and flows and my well ebb for an extended period, but I can assure them that the power is always there. It is always accessible.  

Tell me where you find or have found the Spirit.



Entry filed under: Wrestling With God.


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  • 1. Adele Simmons  |  March 4, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Hey Dave,
    You and me both. I can dwell in the man-made… with the walls, the halls, the concrete and the noisy beat. I can even inspire others there. But I am myself inspired by the beginnings… of earth and green, of wildlife and wave… that’s what restores me. It gives me perspective and purpose… we people have distorted the purpose and meaning and translated it too often into success and money. But God, the Creator, Master of the Universe, meant for us to thrill and be in wonder at His surprises for us, day by day.
    I like this piece.

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