Clarifying the Fuzzification

January 25, 2011 at 8:00 am 3 comments

There are many people on my current notification list that aren’t familiar with my old blog. They enjoy my sparkling wit and clever commentary but are a little confused when they scroll down to some of my old ‘Wrestling with God’ posts. I can picture their mental strain as they try to put Dave and God together in one thought. Then there are my old readers who wonder where God went and have I become a Pagan? Well, let me clear the fog of confusion and clarify any fuzzification of where I am now coming from.

Many years ago I was strangely moved to attend church (don’t gag, keep reading). I found it quite pleasant and decided to try and find out what ‘religion’ was all about. My United Church family was fantastic and soon I found myself involved in a two year, in-depth bible study course. That course opened my eyes, stirred my being and whet my appetite to learn more. I read voraciously; spiritual books, theological books, sacred texts of major religions and current essays from all religious points of view. I served on the church council, taught Sunday school (badly, I admit) and after another two year course, I preached. My journey was taking me places fast.

I discovered that the Bible, and indeed every other holy book, was about Love and that we prove our love of creation by the way we live. I preached about 20 times per year and came to notice my messages, in a broad sense, were always about Love. The blog I started on the United Church website, Wondercafe was meant to be an extension of preaching and was intended to make people think about their faith. I was sure that doing so would start them on the same path I was on. I felt too many people attended church as a kind of religious themed social club. I wanted them to realise what they were there for.

When I reached the peak of my learning journey it was like climbing a mountain and breaking through the clouds where I was able to look around and see other people on other peaks who had climbed the mountain of their religion. It was then I realised that all people and all religions are one. I realised the energy/ spirit/ force that humans named ‘God’ was an entity that we are incapable of ever understanding and each religion had interpreted their understanding in their own way. Each way was as valid as mine.

As a bit of an after-thought I looked into Native Spirituality. It turned out to be the most appealing to me. Our ‘Indian’ brothers and sisters recognised Spirit in everything and practiced their ‘religion’ through their daily lives rather than a weekly meeting. Their message was one of Love that manifested itself in respect for creation, equality and peace. I determined that I would follow those principles.

So, here’s where I come from now. I feel in touch with that energy that is beyond our understanding. That energy (I haven’t been able to form a name for it yet) created, and is a basic part of, the reality we know and live in. Our tiny blue planet is only a very small part of a very vast creation and our role in that creation is not known. However, the small spark of that same energy inside us that makes us a living being guides us to be and do ‘good’. The physical, sensory world in which we live tempts our physical being to become a slave to the pleasures of those senses. Our physical being craves to increase those sensory pleasures and leads us to do what is termed ‘bad’ or sinful. Our physical/spiritual life is a battle between these two extremes.

It’s too long to explain here about all the sacred texts save to say they are all of human devise and teach similar lessons.

My decision was to simply love self and others as well as creation and to practice that love daily and be an example of it.

After all of that we come back to this blog. It is no longer preaching ‘religion’ but is now about Life and where Love shines or is lacking. For instance, if you read my last blog about retiring you may wonder, “How was it about love?” Well, it was about the lack of love I felt in the corporate world.

To come with me on my journey please keep reading, ask other people to log on and join us and always comment and ask questions. My goal is to be light and have fun so I hope you all stay tuned and enjoy my clever commentary and sparkling wit.



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  • 1. Dale Long  |  January 25, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Dave, you have a knack for making all of your journeys interesting.

    If you write it… I’ll read it. (Ya, I know bad Feild of Dreams reference)

  • 2. Lisa Llamrei  |  January 26, 2011 at 8:19 am

    This is both insightful and articulate. Very well said. That is exactly how I feel about spirituality.

  • 3. Adele Simmons  |  January 26, 2011 at 8:24 am

    This is our “we love Dave” club. One of your charms Dave is your open, humble, honesty. I believe in living love, too. I like your word Fuzzification. You have unfuzzified us all.

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