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Yesterday, after I whined here about our American friends, I sat back and asked myself why Canada is the Great Gray country it is. I decided it’s all to do with passion. We aren’t a passionate people.

The societies that dominated the earth through history have always been the kick-ass ones. The Roman’s and the British were nations whose belief in the superiority of their social systems encouraged them to force those ways on others. The current kick-ass power, our American neighbours, strongly believe that their idea of freedom and justice is the key to a civil society.

What would become the Americans, fought against the Brits to establish a land where their idea of freedom and justice would prevail. Canadians merely skirmished and negotiated a border to remain under the British model and herein lays the difference. They fought; we negotiated. Americans are always ready to kick ass to promote their belief. We are always ready to negotiate a compromise. Americans strive to succeed and their successes feed their pride. Canadians strive to make progress without stepping on anyone’s toes and our successes go unnoticed. Americans shout their colours – Red, White and Blue. Canadians murmur grayness.

If Canada had thrown in with the U.S. we would be part of that pride, of the success, be in the spotlight. Canadians crave admiration yet we shun the American brashness and instead take refuge in the smugness of considering ourselves (rightly or wrongly) morally and ethically superior. It’s not easy being gray.


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The U.S., Eh? I Don’t Believe It!

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