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After a refreshing summer we must quickly ramp up for a provincial election on Thursday, October 6, 2011. That means the summer will be peppered with the political parties hosting barbeques and making position statements and promises. This will go mostly unnoticed until the main barrage starts in September.

Tom Hudak of the Blue Party has already promised to remove the HST from hydro bills, ramp up health spending and put convicts on chain gangs doing menial labour.

The Orange Party leader, Andrea Horwath has promised to up the corporate tax.

Be prepared for more promises and counter promises by the Red Party. Above all be prepared for any promises to be rich in appeal but short on facts and arithmetic.

Ontario has suffered through three bad governments in a row now. Bob Rae’s Orange government was a shock and awful one. Mike Harris’s Blue government was a search and destroy, scorched earth one and Dalton McGuinty’s little Red wagon government has been an inept duck and cover caretaker one.

Since life has managed to chug on in Ontario despite the awful leadership, think what might have been and can be done with leadership rather than demolition and caretaking. To that end, I submit my observations of the failure of the current Ontario government:

  • Years and millions spent on the eHealth debacle
  • OLG debacle handled poorly
  • Introduction of HST (even on already tax heavy gasoline sales)
  • Kept PST at 8% despite the Federal government lowering the GST to 5%
  • Hydro smoke and mirrors game: Rates will rise by up to 46% over five years BUT we are offered a 10% rebate on our bills
  • Two year wage freeze on public sector wages ignored with a recent raise to the health sector

Who will be best to lead us back to honesty and reality? That’s for you to decide so keep these facts in mind as you lounge by the barbecue with a cold one. Our province is the best one in Canada and we deserve the best leadership. Pay attention, take part and vote in October.


© Dave Jones/ Thunderbridge Productions 2011


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