Antoine Filion

August 9, 2011 at 7:00 am 2 comments

I hate Antoine Filion! He grinds my gears every time I see him.

Who the humpty-willy is Antoine Filion? Well, he’s the annoying guy on the Blinds To Go television commercial on the nightly news. He’s either blabbing on as a blind tries to shut him out or he’s interrupting a lovely young lady conducting a factory tour. He makes me want to kick the cat. My wife, Muffin, is sick of hearing how annoying he is; how much I hate the commercial and that we will never shop at Blinds To Go.

Tuesday we went to Blinds To Go in Newmarket. Muffin insisted we try them out. I only agreed so I could fuel my hate. When we entered the store I pictured Antoine lurking in the back room ready to dog us with annoying chatter. My fists were tight. There were hundreds of blinds; none priced – a sure sign of gouging. I smirked. We were approached by a cute young lady who offered her help. I studied her eyes for the look of evil, but no; she was good – very good. She was knowledgeable and helpful. She quickly worked out a price. What was the catch? Then, the payoff. When she revealed the price, Muffin staggered back from the counter clutching her chest and gasping, “That’s enormous!” I smiled. Antoine was exposed. The cute young girl wrote all the info down on a sheet so we could think about it. Muffin said we were going to a competitor and the cute young lady said we would find the competitor’s prices higher. Muffin said, “I doubt it”. As we left, I mentioned to the cute young lady that I hated Antoine. She laughed saying that many people do but just as many love him. I harrumphed.

When we arrived back at Antoine’s store I sheepishly entered. The cute young lady cheerfully processed our order, took some money and said our order would be ready Thursday. “Ha!” I thought. They were ready first thing Thursday. Antoine was mocking me. I hate him even more.  


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  • 1. Dale Long  |  August 9, 2011 at 10:09 am

    HAHAHA! I have no words, that is just too funny!

  • 2. Lisa Llamrei  |  August 10, 2011 at 9:41 am

    One word for you: SEARS.

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