The New Samsquanch?

August 19, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

I was heading to Timmy’s for a caffeine jolt one recent morning. As I casually drove up the street, the breeze through the roof playing with my golden locks, I noticed a little white car with green lettering at a stop sign. I supposed it was a new competitor for Molly Maid but there was a tripod on the roof with what looked like a blue beach ball. “Now what …” I thought. As I got close, I noticed the sign on the door said, ‘Google Maps’. I realized that I had seen a mythic legend up there in the ranks of Sasquatch (or as we say in Bobcaygeon, Samsquanch) and Aliens.

The sight of this little vehicle quietly going about its duties reminded me of an article I read about the Google Map Car on the internet. It was an exposé of what this clandestine vehicle looked like. Now I had actually seen one.

After I got my coffee and was driving to an appointment, I saw the little car again. People on the sidewalk were looking and pointing. I thought of the movie “The Music Man”. Remember the part where little lisping Winthrop (Ronnie Howard) was anxiously waiting for his band instrument to arrive and someone announced that the Wells Fargo Wagon was coming. Of course the whole town broke into a joyous dance and sang a song that has been stuck in my head ever since: ‘Oh yeth, the Wellth Fargo wagon/ ith a coming, down the threet/ Oh pleath let it be for me…”.

I wondered if a comparable music production was launched today if the kids on the sidewalk might be singing about the Google Maps car coming down the street. Probably not but I was still as excited seeing it as I would be seeing a Samsquanch beside the road holding a sign saying, “B.C. or Bust”. I had seen a real urban legend. Stroke one off the bucket list.


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Jack Layton

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