Are You Engaged?

August 30, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Saturday was a most satisfying day. I putzed around online then cut the lawn, tidied the garage, pumped up Muffin’s tires, cleaned her wheels and rewarded myself with a nice cold Stella on the front porch. As the gentle northwest breeze ruffled my golden locks and the cool suds washed my parched throat, I lulled into a mellow reflective state.

I came to think about people I know, and have known, that are considered ‘smart’. I’m sure a few of them would qualify for Mensa. What struck me was that intelligence didn’t seem to have a bearing on success. Many people who are not the sharpest knife in the drawer are very successful while a number of the sharp knives lead a mediocre life. Why is that?

Perhaps Mistress Stella whispered this idea in my ear, but I came to see that regardless of smarts, the characteristic that successful knives (sharp or not) seem to share is that whatever they are doing, they are fully engaged with it. I thought about my own life and how things I was thoroughly engaged in were the most satisfying, fulfilling and fruitful.

I find myself bored with retirement again and need to do something worthwhile. Not having found anyone willing to hire an ‘old fart’, I decided I might train for a second career. I went to Employment Ontario and found they have a comprehensive program for job searching including a session on Occupational Clarification. Turns out Management is my forté, but Social Services is my second strength. There is a need for males in the social service field and, with training; I could picture myself counselling troubled teens, young adults and couples. It would be engaging too and it’s only a two year diploma course. But wait! I’d be two or three years older when I finished and probably would have invested that time only to find that I’m still (furtively) considered too old and I’d be doomed to boredom once more. Is there any hope for us old guys?

For now, I’ll just engage in another Stella.


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