Doctor Dave

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“Doctor Dave! I’m surprised to see you outside the lecture hall!”

“Well, I do make the odd foray from the world of academe. I trust your summer is passing satisfactorily?”

“It is Dr. Dave, but I’m wondering about all the weird provincial election ads.”

“Ah yes; like moths to a lamp, elections draw clouds of partisan advertising. This election seems to have a bumper crop.”

“Yes; it seems they are all from private interests. This is good, isn’t it?”

“Don’t be fooled dear student. Working Family ads are run by a group of labour organizations, so you can bet they are supporting the Orange Party. The strange ‘Road to Nowhere’ ads are from the company that owns the Ambassador Bridge and stands to lose business to the proposed new bridge backed by the Red Party.”

“How come the parties aren’t advertising?”

“The majority of the Great Ontario Public has been numbing their feverish minds with beer and coolers beside lakes where there is no television. You will notice a sudden explosion of party ads when the CNE closes.”

“Should we expect vigorous debate on the issues, Dr. Dave?”

“No dear student; you can expect a vigorous mud-slinging competition aimed at the perceived race leader.”

“Oh dear; dare I ask who that leader might be?”

“Of course dear one. The Blue Party is the perceived leader in the race so the Red and Orange parties are ganging up on the Blue.”

“Gee whiz, Dr. Dave, maybe you could just give me a simple rule to guide my vote.”

“Certainly, but first don’t forget: Ontario rode the wave of economic downturn and recent recovery because Canada handled things better than anyone. We need people who will lead rather than ride, to govern for the people and not practice political cronyism. So vote for the candidate who will represent the people and if there is none in your riding, get involved and become one.”

“Golly Dr. Dave, that can be onerous.”

“Yes, but it is your responsibility as a member of a democratic society.”

“Thanks, Dr. Dave. I’ll be sure to study the candidates and vote for the one who will serve the people. What about those television ads though?”

“Ignore them. They are good only for garden fertilizer.”


© Dave Jones/ Thunderbridge Productions 2011


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