My Lemon Pie Lady

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A marker on life’s road was reached last Wednesday. My mother-in-law passed away. I knew her for the last thirty-three of her eighty-eight years and I’ll miss her. Bernice was known as ‘Muma’ to all of us in the family and when I took to calling her ‘my Muma’ she would remind me that she wasn’t my real mother but she knew that it meant she was that special to me. After my real mother died, Muma never corrected me again but carried on making me feel special. I felt part of the family, which was good but had its downside. I found myself on the *hit list more than once but as other names topped that list, my misdeeds thankfully slipped into oblivion.

I remember the first time Muma made me feel special. Muffin and I were a new item and we were visiting the cottage at Crystal Lake. It was my birthday but I expected no fuss and was surprised and pleased when Muma presented me with a cake and a kiss. Later she discovered my favourite dessert was lemon pie and she literally baked me dozens over the years. I can still taste them; flaky homemade crust; rich lemony filling (sometimes from fresh lemons) and topped with homemade meringue. Yum. They were the best. She went on a raisin pie fling for a bit and made thick, gooey pies from Sultana raisins and plopped ice cream on top … OMG! But lemon pie was her way of spoiling me and I ate it up.

Muma’s other half was Jack or ‘Pop’ as the family called him. They were inseparable in life. When Pop died five years ago it left an enormous hole in Muma’s life but she carried on. I’ll write about Pop one day because he was a hero of mine. I can picture Pop in the life beyond waiting for Muma, dabbing tears from his eyes knowing they will soon be reunited. That makes me happy but I will always miss My Lemon Pie Lady. I hope she knew I loved her. 


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