MY 9/11 Theory

September 15, 2011 at 7:00 am 2 comments

Ten years has certainly gone past in a blink. It seems like only a few months ago that I was in my office when the radio announced that an airplane had hit the World Trade Centre. I pictured a Cesena sized craft had most likely bounced off, but the ever widening scope and horror as the day unfolded was amazing and is burned into all of our memories. The loss of innocent civilian lives is atrocious. Can you imagine being one of the people trapped on a floor or filing down the stairs when the towers collapsed?


There have been endless analyses and theories about the events of that day and they cover the gamut from boring to flaky. After watching many documentaries over the years about the buildings and Bin Laden; I offer my own.


First, Bin Laden’s background was in civil engineering. This puts him above the wild-eyed, rock throwing, suicide ready terrorists seeking their reward. He was very intelligent although obviously bent. The 9/11 attack showed careful planning on an unprecedented scale. Using four loaded passenger aircraft as weapons to destroy two buildings full of tens of thousands of innocent people as well as two other major targets is remarkable. Previous attempts to fell the World Trade Centre by exploding bombs at its base were damaging but unsuccessful. This last plan showed professional knowledge and engineering genius.


The twin towers were built with a peculiar method from the concrete spine and support pillar method that is normal. Much of the interior structure for cabling, ductwork and stairways was done with drywall rather than concrete. Load bearing pillars between the floors were mostly moved to the outside walls to provide maximum open space. This type of construction was supposed to be comparable with previous methods and would withstand natural assaults like wind and accidental incidents such as small aircraft.


This is where Bin Laden’s evil engineering genius comes in. He recognised the flaw in this method. By hijacking large, loaded passenger craft that were loaded with fuel for long distances, he had a weapon that would not only deeply pierce the supporting shell of the towers but would cause an intense inferno. Bin Laden knew the susceptibility of the construction and even calculated the exact place to hit them. Both planes hit close to this maximum zone, about 1/3 from the top. The second hit was the more exact and you’ll remember that tower collapsed first.


 Because of the construction type the planes could penetrate deep into the building. The resulting fire would destroy the higher floors and cause the structure to fail leading to the pancaking effect that dropped the buildings straight down squashing anyone and anything inside. It was a very, very tragic and demonically brilliant plan. Bin Laden’s brain could have gone far in helping humanity if used for good. Think what subsequent evil has been avoided by Navy Seal Team 6 eliminating him and sending him to sleep with the fishes.




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  • 1. abandonculture  |  September 15, 2011 at 8:25 am

    You say, “Load bearing pillars between the floors were mostly moved to the outside walls to provide maximum open space. ”

    This is not strictly correct as you can clearly see from this picture of the construction. The central cores made up a substantial part of the structure. In fact they were like buildings in themselves.

    The Bin Laden’s were indeed linked with civil engineering. A fascinating summary of the history of the Bin Laden family can be watched here. For instance, how many people realize Osama’s brother helped to set up GW Bush’s first oil company in Texas?!

    The second tower hit did indeed collapse first. here is some enhanced footage of that collapse.

    …and from a different angle…

    You mention the deep penetration of the planes into the building but we must also bear in mind that to people like Brian Clark of Eurobrokers managed to escape (with another surviver) from his office which was the 84th floor of the south tower which was ABOVE the plane impact zone. They made it down through the stairwells situated in the cores, which he said was TOTALLY INTACT despite the plane having impacted several minutes before. This proves that at least some of the core remained virtually untouched.

    You can hear his testimony in this documentary:

    And there is of course the problem of WTC 7, a 47 story skyscraper which was not hit by any plane yet fell at 5:20pm on Sept 11th symmetrically, vertically and at free fall speed right into its own footprint.

    And lastly we have the *official story* of 9/11, perhaps the craziest conspiracy theory of them all!

    Transcript and sources for the above video can be viewed here:

    What do you make of such evidence?

  • 2. Dave Jones  |  September 15, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Great videos. Good points too. Thanks for commenting.

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