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It’s the time of year for sober reflection and getting down to work again. I sit in my ‘office’ (a comfy recliner in the livingroom) with my laptop balanced on my increasingly puffy tummy and ponder what direction to go in with my writing ‘career.’ I decided to share my thoughts with my faithful readers, who number in the thousandths of a thousand, as a way of updating you on my developing career.

First, my book: I have written about 200,000 words and about three beginnings to my main project; a detective novel that is intended to be a humorous homage to the hard boiled Mickey Spillane type genre. While my writing group loved my efforts and often laughed out loud, the real-life editor that perused it and termed it a satire, was not encouraging at all and completely deflated my little red writing balloon. This project is now cold and on hold.

My Blogs: Ahhhh: my great Write Hope! People seem to enjoy my blogs and I do get a fairly steady influx of new readers. On the encouragement of some of them I have submitted queries to several publications offering my wit and wisdom. Among the favoured media were the TorontoStar.com, HuffingtonPost.ca and the Uxbridge Standard. The silence has been deafening although I find the sound of chirping crickets very peaceful. After mentioning my situation to a fellow writer who is starting a column on Msn, I learned that you have to be ‘someone’ to get a blog or column. OK, so that means I’m ‘no one’ then. Nice. I checked the Huffington Post bloggers and indeed they all have some notability ranging from prestigious university chair to founder of some activist group such as , ‘Dogs Against Fleas’. I don’t feel right about inventing some group so I can be its only member and spokesman but maybe that’s the answer.

For now I will just tap away in my chair and have a hoot writing my wonderful blog. Who knows; maybe lightning will strike and I’ll be discovered. Most likely though, lightning will strike and just fry my computer.


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