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October 4, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Having too much time on your hands can sometimes result in a breakthrough. Recently I was amazed to discover little channels on my head. Obviously they’re where my thick skull welded together but I never felt them before and now I love tracing them when watching television. While practicing this new found thrill the other night, I discovered something else previously unknown: there’s gunge behind your ears that smells like feet! I was mortified. My ears are now raw from scrubbing them every time I get a few minutes. Gag.

Heading to Toronto the other day I came across some road work. Normally there would have been two flag persons with their stop signs but this project had actual stop lights that were solar powered. I thought this was a great idea and eliminated what must be one of the most boring and dangerous jobs out there.

It’s funny how life goes. In our early years we’re too old for some things but too young for others. For instance, too old to ‘act like a baby’ but too young to drive/ vote/ drink. At my lofty age I find I’m too old to be employed yet was told a few days ago that I’m too young for a cornea transplant. Hopefully I’ll be too young for ‘Grampers’ for quite a while too.

 Since this is my favourite time of year, I’m looking forward to the weekend and the family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter’s place. I love the trees changing colour; the warm days and cool nights plus the slight nip in the air. This is the weekend I wear my traditional plaid shirt and go for a stroll through the bush with my son-in-law. I just hope we don’t trip over the bear that lives there somewhere. If there’s no blog on Friday, you’ll know I was the slowest runner in the group and Yogi had a good meal.


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