The Sweet, The Sour & The Stupid

October 11, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

After a great Thanksgiving weekend, my brain is still numbed by the fantastic turkey meal we enjoyed with all the family around. Of course this means I can’t rally any profound thoughts today so will scrape the sides of my empty barrel brain and present you with these meagre shavings.

The Sweet: Grand-daughters (‘nuff said)! Son-in-laws and daughter -in-laws who make family gatherings a celebration. Daughters who make a great turkey dinner and sons (yes sons) who make fantastic dips and cheesecake desserts. Oh yeah… and wives who conduct punkin carving contests. Sweeeeeet.

Gotta give thanks also for the super WCDR brekkie and all the folks I got to reconnect with. You all started my weekend off on the right foot.

The Sour: The election. Dr. Dave is annoyed that we are once more mired in a governmental status quo situation. Dalton the Shifty, Tiny Tim and Andrea (boy my son’s broken arm miraculously healed by Election Day) Howarth are giving us the same old, same old. Dr. Dave says we all must get involved in the system to change it. We need people with a new vision.

People who putz along at exactly the speed limit on roads that offer few chances to pass and then crowd the center line when you finally get a chance to get around. May their engines suddenly seize from boredom.

The Stupid: There are soooo many stupid things these days that we can’t even begin to classify and list them here but this one has my head shaking in wonderment. I’m talking about a dress made from 3,000 cow and yak nipples (see pic above). Huh? First off, I’ve never seen a cow with nipples (teats, yes) and where do you go to find yak nipples? What is the world coming to? Why would someone make this dress and who would ever wear such a stupid thing? What’s next?

Let me know what sweet, sour and/or stupid things you’ve come across.


© David Jones/ Thunderbridge Productions 2011


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