Through A Glass Dimly

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I had a great day in my ‘office’ yesterday. I say ‘office’ but mean in my recliner, laptop balanced on my gut and wearing headphones. After I finished my daily rounds of the Internet I was motivated to work on my latest project; a writing contest submission. Having entered a number of these over the years and always finishing on the losers pile had soured me on these recipes for depression. But as Muffin says, “Time heals all wounds (and wounds all heels)”, so here I am prepared for another defeat.

I called up the drafts on my trusty laptop and lightning struck; a wonderful idea for crafting the piece that would raise it from the mundane. I started typing and continued from ten o’clock until four. Very pleased with myself, I left my ‘office’ and took a shower then sat in my recliner and prepared to doze off.

I dwelled for a only few minutes in that Never Never Land, between Reality and Dreamland, but in that time, my being transcended to a homey place where I witnessed an amazing collage of scenes. One scene, clearer than the rest, was of me in a cozy, wood panelled office surrounded by books and quiet. When I finally drifted back to reality, I was excited. I knew that this was a sure sign of an office in my future. When and how, I know not, but I know it’s definitely coming. How am I so sure? Well, lemme tell ya.

In 1908, Napoleon Hill, a journalist, interviewed Andrew Carnegie on gaining success. Carnegie was impressed with Hill and encouraged him to develop what they talked about into a recipe for success. Hill did so and until his death in 1970 he pitched the theory of “What you can conceive and believe – you will achieve.”

I attended a Bob Proctor motivational seminar in the early eighties where he invoked Hill’s theory and insisted it worked. What was to lose, so I conceived myself being successful and living in a big house on the water in Lagoon City with a nice boat bobbing at the dock. Long story short: I ended up living in a big house on the water (in Bobcaygeon) with a nice boat bobbing at the dock. It was ten years coming but it happened. Another example was that in 1988 I conceived of the belief that I would own a 1988 Lincoln Continental and it too happened (well OK, not until 1998). I know I will have my sacred writing space one day.

Try it: conceive a dream and dream it daily. You will soon come to subconsciously believe it and you then will achieve it. I’d say it works.


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