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I think it’s time to make it official. Rob Ford is a jerk and an embarrassment to politics. I remember Mary Walsh as Marg Delahunty ambushing, then Prime Minister, Paul Martin in Ottawa. Martin’s reaction was to laugh and play along with the joke for an appropriate amount of time then graciously take his leave. We’ve all heard about Ford’s graceless, ill-humoured reaction to Walsh this week. Granted it was early and Ford hadn’t had time for his Bran Flakes to work but public servants that are directly elected by the people should be expected to hold themselves to a higher standard. I’m glad I live in Durham Region and don’t have to keep an eye out for my Uxbridge mayor shooting me a finger, using a cellphone while driving, berating 911 operators or starting shouting matches at hockey games.

From the ridiculous to the sublime: For years, I’ve been advocating education as an alternative to war in all of the Middle Eastern countries. We need to teach the illiterate people in these regions so they can discover the key to elevating their lives. By doing so, the general population would no longer be fodder for exploitive leaders plus women would realize their equality and worth then refuse being subjugated. I feared this was all years away but ‘Arab Spring’ came as a welcome and surprising sign that the cauldron of positive change is beginning to boil. Kind of justifies the old saying, ‘Hope springs eternal in the human breast.’

What is the future of the Internet? There seem to be so many articles now that have wrong wording, misspelling and bad grammar. Does no one use Spellcheck? Do writers just dash something off and hit ‘send’? I’ve been caught in these sins too but I do take the time to edit to the best of my abilities and take a minute with Spellcheck. It seems that in this world where things have to be instant that we are sacrificing quality for speed. If this situation is let run rampant, imagine what the language will be like in ten years. Will we all be LOL? Perhaps the unemployed or underemployed copy editors out there could be hired by the major sites publishing these posts.

Lastly – Chaz Bono. Hear this Chaz: you’re a shitty dancer and lasted longer than you should on Dancing with the Stars. (Hmmm… you’re a Star?) Kudos for being such a public icon for the transgendered but maybe sewing a couple of prunes to your crotch will help you move more like a man and let’s not mention your jiggly girl bum and thighs. Hope Solo moves more like a man than you. You were a very cute little girl, and I like you, but don’t expect to be treated like a man when you act like a girl.

Well, my Bran Flakes are kicking in now. See y’all next time.


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