Roman Spring

November 8, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

I’m sure to offend some people here, but the time is ripe and it’s got to be said. Arab Spring has given me hope that what seemed impossible yesterday can in fact change rather quickly, so I’m hoping what I term, Roman Spring, is imminent.

My hope in Roman Spring concerns the Roman Catholic Church. It has been on a steady decline into corruption since 300 A.D. when some probably well-meaning group of men chose to exploit Jesus of Nazareth. Over the years this church has subverted and corrupted Jesus’ life and message.

Before I get off on a Holy roll, I want to acknowledge the millions of followers of the Roman Church. They have over the centuries, and right up to today, been a very faithful, productive and charitable group of citizens. It’s their leaders who are the problem.   

Among the perverted actions initiated by these leaders was the assembling, editing and rewriting of certain ancient texts to tell a story they wanted. They made Jesus into God and later even elevated his mother to holy status. Early on they decreed only unmarried men could be priests and leaders. They conducted services for centuries in a language that the congregants didn’t understand so their interpretation of the scriptures could go unquestioned. They indoctrinated followers that their priest stood between them and God and the life hereafter. Realizing the financial bonanza in people’s guilt, they sold forgiveness enabling the Church to become the enormously wealthy institution it is today. The uneducated rabble was fearful of questioning their church. Its power was absolute, and we know what happens with absolute power.

When printing was invented, Martin Luther translated the bible into the language of the common people. As they learned to read they could now interpret the scriptures for themselves and inevitably began to ask questions. The Roman Church took a holier than thou attitude towards these new thinkers (many called Protestants), an attitude still current. The Church elite hid behind the stone wall of Papal Infallibility saying the great unwashed simply didn’t understand God’s ways.

Within this absolute power, corruption was sure to germinate. Over time, wars, cleansings and scandals have humbled the once proud Church. The current sexual abuse scandals have been typically stonewalled but humbling cracks are appearing.

As Arab Spring indicates enlightenment in those nations, Roman Spring may amazingly enlighten the Roman Church elite and bring the institution back to Jesus’ way of serving the people and not itself. It’s only been two thousand years after all.


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