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November 18, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

I was initially impressed by the Occupy movement. It’s about time the younger generations got active. I was sceptical about a protest with no real focal point but in this day of flash mobs perhaps a focus would materialise – but then nothing really happened. Sure we heard about the greed of big finance, mega corporations and super rich people controlling 99% of the wealth and it was intriguing but where was the solution?

It’s a positive thing that the young ones are perturbed enough about something worthwhile that they organise and protest but they first need to overcome the flaw we have bred in our children for a few generations now. For too long we parents have provided an easy answer to our youngster’s boredom. When they were little and wanted something to do, we switched on the television, put on a video game or gave them money for the store. As they grew up they came to rely on their parents to provide their answers. Now these protesters make a fuss but have no focus or organization. They know something is wrong that must be fixed but they seem to wait, expecting a leader to materialise and provide the fire. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Municipal governments, to their credit, put up with the protests. Perhaps they were waiting to see what the point was? The influx of seedy and weird elements among the Occupy protesters degenerated it into some pseudo hippy camp. What they needed was a fire of conviction not a gothic sacred fire.

As Toronto clears out the encampment this weekend there may be some scuffling but overall the protest will end as it lived; with a whimper.

Remember protests of the Sixties and Seventies? There were burning dean’s offices over tuition, dead students in Ohio protesting war, Draft cards burning, bras burning, peaceful marching crowds bludgeoned over racism and FLQ terrorists in Quebec. Blood was shed to make difference. Targeted anger and willingness to absorb the repercussions are needed to get attention and change. The Occupy movement tried politeness and failed.

I hope the young folks learn from this limp movement and change their tactics. Nothing great is ever done without enthusiasm and there is much in the world to be done.


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